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Our center, an internationally professional and vital research team, was founded in 2002 and has been engaged in relevant hard disk restoration, hard disk repair, hard disk data rescue, military-level data destruction, hard disk data backup, data recovery of various outside breakdown as mobile phone memory card, all outside storage devices, industrial computer and CNCX-RAY medical equipment. Breakdown phenomenon includes: hard disk bad axle, hard disk circuit board burning, fire hazard, soaking in water, air disaster, and various MBRBOOT partition loss.
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday AM09:00-PM18:00    Saturday AM09:00-AM12:00    Sunday a national holiday leave
Tel: 1-213-489-6666    Fax: 1-213-627-6888
Emergency call: skype=e33651599    E-mail :
Address:(90071) Suite 3200, 445 S. FigueroaSt., Los Angeles, CA , U.S.A

Famous Success

Department of African Affairs/Mr.Ma
HD Name:SAMGSUNG 2.5 40G
HD No.: S03WJ10Y277XXX
Fault:track and head damaged
Treatment: data is rescued

Network Computing Center/Mr.Chen
HD Name:HITACHI 2.5 40G
HD No.: 08K08XX
Fault:forced shutdown;noise
Treatment:rescued successfully

MPI Corporation/Mr.Ye
HD Name:WD 1T 3.5 1000G
Fault:not identify server processing
Treatment: Rescued in SOS

National Space Org/Mr.Ye
HD Name:HITACHI 2.5 60G
Fault:PCBA BIOS out of response
Treatment:Rescued successfully

Academia Sinica/Mr.Ji
HD Name:SEAGATE 3.5 60G
Fault:BIOS fails; no response
Treatment:rescued successfully

A teacher in a middle school/Chen
HD Name:HITACHI 3.5 80G
HD No.:HTS54080XXX
Fault:HD is covered
Treatment:Rescued successfully

HD Name:SEAGATE 3.5 40G
HD No.:9T70023XXX
Fault:identify fails with noise
Treatment:rescued successfully

Global Life Insurance Co., Ltd/Mr. Zhu
HD Name:HITACHI 3.5 20G
Fault:long-time starting up; noise
Treatment:rescued successfully